About me

Hello my name is Robin and welcome to the website!

When I was 18 I met my first girlfriend, it happened spontaneously like most relationships, At school.

Almost 2 years later that relationship ended and it hurt me. This is of course nothing special, most people suffer from heartbreak at some point in their lives.

Where it became a problem is that I got scared about my future. When I look back on how I got into a relationship with this girl, I felt like it happened out of pure luck and not because I actually made the choice to take my chance with this girl.

She got my number from one of her friends and texted me some mundane things that made it pretty clear to me that she liked me. So she basically put herself on my radar. I just had to ask her out and ta-da, I had a girlfriend.

But after this relationship, I realized that it wasn’t often that a girl put herself on my radar. In fact, it almost never happened.

When you look around the world, most people meet in social circles, school or leisure classes such as a sport being practiced or the music school.

So people usually meet each other spontaneously somewhere in their life. But when I looked at my life, I had no hobbies or events where I could meet a woman, and the few times I did, I had no idea how to pick up on her.

All my friends were boys, and I hardly ever went to bars or clubs. Of course I saw women in my life, in the supermarket, in the gym, on the train or on the bus, but I would never talk to them in these environments. That was not normal in my reality.

Dating apps and websites were still quite new at the time, I remember trying Tinder. It took a lot of time with very little results, and the quality of the women I met there was often not great either.

So the future for my love life does not look bright, I concluded.

At this point I had 2 choices: Be patient and have faith that at some point I will meet someone and that we will live happily ever after together.

Or be afraid of ending up with a non-existent love life, or with a woman I’m not really attracted to.

Actually it was not a choice, fear dominated.

I was concerned that if I didn’t proactively improve my dating life, it wouldn’t happen automatically, and I would end up in a relationship where people are together because they don’t know any better, because they have children and / or a house together, and because that is what everyone in our society does.

No. I wanted a woman in my life that I am super attracted to, sexually, emotionally and spiritually and I decided I wouldn’t leave it in the hands of luck to get it.

I never knew I could learn these things. Of course there was material to learn about dating and sexual attraction, but I have NEVER read a book in my life.

The only reason I ever read a book is because it has to be at school. The idea of ​​developing myself as a person was completely foreign to me until one of my friends told me he had bought a course on how to seduce women online.

My interest was immediately aroused.

Wait … I can learn this ?!

I immediately bought the course and started listening to it, it was in audio format so I could listen to it on the way to school and so on. Of course, as the course suggested, I had to practice the things I had learned in the real world, and so my journey began.

This course that my girlfriend recommended at the time is not the last piece of advice I raised myself with. It was a great start, putting me in action and learning some bits and pieces, but over the years I’ve seen many other programs and products, attended seminars, met people from the pickup community, I even traveled around Eastern Europe with a dating coach for a while.

And of course, most importantly, I have gained a lot of experience myself. It has now been about 6 years since I bought my first educational program on how to meet and attract the woman I desire, and it has been a very interesting journey.

Learning, trying, making mistakes and repeating was the learning process.

Now when I look back at my growth process I realize that there is not one program, dating coach, book, therapist that had all the answers I was looking for.

They are a great help, but all they can do is guide you and give you their perspective on certain topics so you can go out into the world and experiment with it.

It is your own life experience, through trial and error, that gives you the lessons you need to get the things you want in life.

After years of learning, I realized that I had learned many lessons that would help other men too.

The problem was that when I started talking about those things with people who aren’t actually interested in them, it was a complete waste of time.

I couldn’t keep quiet about it, but the people I spoke to often had no interest in learning how to attract the woman they wanted or how to create habits and do things to improve their lives.

So when I got the idea to make videos and articles about my experiences to attract the right audience of people who are interested in the topic.

There is no point in taking someone who is not interested in art to an art exhibition, right?

So, if you are the right person interested in learning about how to seduce women and personal development, click the button below to start your free consultation!